Campus Fire Safety Month: Fire Safety Tips for College Students

Campus Fire Safety Month: Fire Safety Tips


Did you know that it is Campus Fire Safety Month? In honor of this month, we ask you to take a moment from your busy back to school schedule and review some fire safety tips and resources, so you’ll be prepared in case of a fire this semester.

The Herald-Dispatch offers these useful tips to students and their parents to check their residences for safety:

  • Look for fully sprinklered housing when choosing a dorm or off-campus housing.
  • Never disable a smoke alarm or any other fire protection equipment.
  • Regularly inspect rooms and buildings for fire hazards.
  • Inspect exit doors and windows and make sure they are working properly.
  • Know how to properly notify the fire department using the 911 system.
  • Always participate in fire drills and practice escape routes and evacuation plans.
  • Take every alarm seriously.
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets and use extension cords properly.
  • Don’t burn candles.
  • Smoke only where allowed and preferably outside.
  • Check you school’s rules about using electrical appliances in your room.
  • Use a surge protector for your computer and plug the protector directly into an outlet.
  • Learn to properly use and maintain heating and cooking appliances.

Just as these tips will help protect your personal safety, renters insurance is a way to protect yourself from the financial impacts of fire. It is recommended to leave your belongings behind in the event of a fire, leaving them open to damages. Your safety is most important and the things that could weigh you down and should be left behind can be  covered by a renters insurance policy for a low monthly cost:

Stay tuned to the blog this month for more campus fire safety information, and check out our Campus Fire Safety Month board on Pinterest!