6 Free Smartphone Apps for the Post-Grad Job Seeker

When you graduate college and start looking for a job, things can seem overwhelming at first. Well, your smartphone is there to help! Search available jobs, take notes, share files, network in your industry, and more—all with that little mobile device that already goes everywhere with you. Sound good? Then check out these 6 free apps to help the post-grad job seeker:

1. The Ladders
The Ladders app for iPhone “takes the work out of searching by delivering jobs that are right for you.” Find out who’s hiring and what relevant positions are available. You can save jobs for your convenience so you can apply later, “like” postings to show recruiters you’re interested, and even view your competition.
2. LinkedIn

If you have a LinkedIn account, download the mobile app onto your phone so you can utilize all its features on the go. LinkedIn for iPhone boasts that it’s “professional empowerment in your pocket.” Make connections, expand your network, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, make one (you’re late!), and download the mobile app to help you stay connected.

3. Dropbox
Dropbox is a free online service that lets you store important files safely and conveniently all in one place. The app for Dropbox gives you the freedom to take documents with you whenever you go. This is great for storing your resume, cover letters, and job applications. Make edits, share files, and more with Dropbox for Mobile.

4. Career Builder
If you need help job searching, CareerBuilder can be a great resource. It has search options that narrows results by keyword, company, and location. You can save your favorite jobs for future reference, and even get job recommendations based on your history. And if you sync your cover letters and resume to your CareerBuilder account, you’ll be able to apply to jobs with just a couple taps of a finger right on your smartphone.

5. Smart To-Do
If you’re finding that Post-It notes are taking over your bedroom, try making your lists digital with Smart To-Do. This app is a task manager that can be really helpful for those who always seem to have a lot on their plates. Keep track of everything on your to-do list in one organized place. You can check off completed tasks, and it can even email you reminders if you don’t get something done on time.

6. Real Time Jobs
Find out about career opportunities and job openings in real-time right from your phone. The Real Time Jobs app analyzes Twitter updates about jobs so that you get to know as soon as something is posted. You won’t have to miss out on a job opening because you didn’t hear about it. If you have a Twitter account already, you can apply directly to jobs through the app too.

So take a break from Candy Crush, and try out some of your smartphone’s more constructive resources. Download free apps like the the six above, and you can improve your productivity, and get a jump start on your post-graduate job search.