Fresh Ideas to Help Students Get Organized

While it is true that students have different habits in place to stay productive, these habits are learned behavior. Often times students have trouble organizing their lives with the whirlwind of changes that accompany college. With practice, organization and productivity will become a second nature. 

Creating a solid foundation of skills in college is the stepping stone to a successful career post-graduation. We’ve outlined some core principles below to help you get started, however, there is so much more to learn. We urge you to visit this website for more information. The tools you’ll learn will change your life.

Motivated by Mobile

We love our mobile phones. We use them to keep in touch with everyone we know. We take selfies and record funny moments to share. Keep in mind that your cell phone, not only a toy, it is a tool. It is one of the most advanced tools of the century.  Time to nail your newfound productiveness with the help of these apps:

  •   Wunderlist
    •    Wunderlist lets you effortlessly enter reminders, dates, projects, study time, work, and more.
  •   Trello
    •  This is another free app that is very useful for any project. The layout allows you to see the entire project. Place photos of things you will need and drag them around the screen to give you a step-by-step visual board.
  •  Be Focused
    • This free app is your time management partner. Set up blocks of time to do particular duties. This app will keep you focused and will track the time according to how you customized it.
  •  Apple’s iTunes University
    • This is home to a library of curriculum course material from many top universities and colleges.
  • Exam Vocabulary Builder
    • This is an app to improve English vocabulary. More than 6-million people use this for advancement or for language proficiency.

There are many more. Click here for the top 15.

Create a Dedicated Workstation

As simple as it may sound, dedicating a specific place to a workstation is an important feature for productivity. It does not have to be elaborate; a small desk with drawers for your files and a shelf for books will do just fine. This space should be solely used for work in order to create a habitual mental environment. Eventually, you will be mentally trained to focus on your work when you are seated at your workstation. 

Unclutter and Coordinate

Your backpack rides along with you to each class, each study session, and often even to after-class activities. By the end of the week, your backpack is bursting at the seams with notes, assignments, and that granola bar you thought you were going to have for a snack on Monday. Dump it! Every Saturday, empty your backpack and get rid of what you don’t need. Check supplies that you will need for the upcoming week and be ready.

An unnecessary stressor for many is often the amount of energy spent getting ready to study. Be smart. Purchase colored folders and categorize them by class. If you have projects, use a colored, plastic crate to keep them together.

As you grow in your organization skills, you will find which of your study habits are simply the way you have always behaved, which serve you and make you a better student. By cutting away at the useless habits and incorporating new ways of thinking, you will become more effective, less stressed, and increasingly more focused. Once you remove the cluttered mentality, you will find more time to do what needs to be done.

Remember: your world must be customized for you. What works for you may not work for others. Some people can stand the sound of coffee machines and distant chatter while others can listen to music and retain the information they are learning. Or maybe you just need the quiet calm of a library. You will discover what works for you by trial and error.

As you enter the midterm season, have the tools at hand that work for you. Make this a banner semester filled with flourishing productivity and a less stress. Speaking of less stress, did you know that GradGuard is always dedicated to helping students make their lives easier? Upon uncluttering your life and getting yourself organized, be sure that all of your valuable assets are protected with renter’s insurance.  Learn more about what they offer and why you should have renter’s insurance by visiting our website today.