Go On a Vacation This Summer!

Summer Vacation

Summer is a great time to travel! Between the flexibility of summer vacation scheduling and the (generally speaking) better weather, traveling in the summer can be a fun and fulfilling way to spend your summer vacation.  While traveling can be expensive, there are many options for students that can make travel more affordable.  From tour group companies to inexpensive student lodging, there are many options for students looking for an affordable vacation.

If you want to go on a tour…

Going on a tour is a great way to take in a city (or many!)  The beauty of organized tours is that all scheduling and planning of logistics is taken care of for you, so you can simply relax and enjoy your vacation.  That being said, when participating in a tour you have less flexibility to choose exactly what you would like to do, since it has been pre-organized, but typically the tours break up for a few hours every day allowing you to explore as you wish.  Tours are also a good option if you are interested in going to an area in which you are not familiar with the language or customs. One tour group which specializes in tours for people ages 18-35 years is Contiki.  With destinations in almost every corner of the world, Contiki offers a variety of options for those on a tighter budget.  With additional incentives such as group rates and referral deals, they offer a more affordable travel option.  Another company to consider is EF College Break Tours. EF Tours run for college ages (18-26 years) and specialize in group sightseeing tours mixed with “all the free time you want!”

If you’d rather create your own itinerary…

Going on tours isn’t for everyone, and the financial incentives of the tour can still be found when traveling independently.  There are many websites which offer special rates and discounts for students, StudentUniverse being one of them.  Be sure to shop around before committing to any hotels/hostels or flights to ensure that you are receiving the best deal available.  Furthermore, be flexible when traveling.  Frequently, hotels offer incentives such as stay two nights, get the third night free. If you’re looking to stay in a city for one week, perhaps consider changing hotels half way through your stay to maximize incentives if they are available.  While this may seem like a bit of a drag, it can save you a considerable amount of money, and is also a great way to take in a different neighborhood.  Another housing option to keep in mind is dormitories.  Many schools open a dorm or two in the summer to students who are traveling or interning in the city.  This can be a more affordable option than a hotel, and a bit less unpredictable than a hostel.   If choosing to stay in a hostel, try to book your reservation in advance (or at least select which hostel you would like to stay in.)  Websites such as hostelz.com provide reviews to thousands of hostels, which can be a useful resource in making your choice.  Hostels range widely in both quality and room arrangements, and knowing what to expect ahead of time can save you time, money, and stress (which you don’t want while on vacation!).

Photo credit: faungg