Earning While Learning: Money Making Resources for Med Students

When you’re a medical student, you can’t help but wait for the moment to start your career and become a top specialist in the field. But here’s the problem: Some claim that M.D. holders are not entitled to their dream jobs. Does it mean you should worry about your future medical career? Not at all. What it means is that you need to think of landing your first job before graduation and start building your medical career right now.

Yes, the process of job search is not that easy for students. For you to succeed, we have this list of seven resources to check and apply for your first job in medicine. You can make the most out of them to practice the skills you’re learning at university and earn some of the money all young specialists need so much while studying.

But keep in mind some details before you start surfing them:

  • Make sure their positions are open to current students.
  • Check if your knowledge and skills are enough to apply for this particular job.
  • Consider extra ways, other than applied medicine, to earn money while studying. For instance, you can try freelancing as a medical writer, offer your medical transcription services to others, and so on.
  • Decide if you have enough free time to spend on that job.

And now, check the following resources to look for a job:

1. Indeed

The best way to search for a job on this website is their listings by keywords and location. More than 500 job boards, 200 newspapers, 100 professional associations, and career centers are available at Indeed.com for you to easily search and find multiple job opportunities there.

2. Monster

Monster is one of the oldest job websites on the web, providing you with thousands of jobs worldwide. Job-seekers are welcome to use this resource for relocation services; independent medical professionals rate it high too.

3. Best Jobs USA

Their mission is to bring the best candidates and the best employers together. It’s not just a job board but a comprehensive resource that includes a career resources store, jobs database, resume posting, and corporate profiles.

4. Bid4Papers

This site is perfect for medical students who excel in academic writing and are looking for some freelance opportunities to use those skills in practice. Here you can join the team of academic writers on medical topics to craft and edit works of your peers, helping to polish their work.

5. College Recruiter

Enter your job title and location to start searching. This online resource targets college students, graduates, and recent graduates in particular, so it can be your perfect choice for landing your first job as a young specialist.

6. Simply Hired

Use this job search engine to find job listings and get updates by email, mobile, or social networks when new opportunities appear. As well as many other job search resources, Simply Hired is free for job-seekers, and it provides a list of jobs for medical specialists by keywords.

7. Link UP

Go to the individual boards to find a job that fits your expectations most. Numerous niche and geographic-specific boards are available here. Link UP is a free resource for all job seekers to use. It shares only current openings and lists jobs taken from 20,000 company websites.

As you see, many job opportunities are waiting for medical students at corresponding resources. They provide all of the features necessary to find freelance or part-time jobs regardless of your experience. All the skills you got in college can help to earn extra money: try medical writing, blogging, research, assistance, and don’t forget about summer internships.

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans,” John Lennon once said. But the time will come when you need to start planning your medical career, and there’s no reason to postpone this moment. Now you have a guide to take one step forward. And of course, don’t forget to continue your renters insurance coverage! Did you know that GradGuard offers renters insurance to you even if you are not presently attending a university? That’s right! So you can take advantage of our low deductibles and worldwide personal property coverage even when you are onto bigger things. Visit our website for a free quote.

Author: Lesley Vos is a private educator and career specialist for students from Chicago. She is a seasoned web writer, contributing to many publications on business, career, and self-development. Feel free to say hi and see more works of Lesley on Twitter