Helpful Halloween Tips for College Students

While you may enjoy watching horror movies in October, you probably don’t want your Halloween to turn into one. Whatever your Halloween plans may be for this year, it’s vital to keep a few tips in mind.

Tips to Stay Safe on Campus This Halloween

Be Aware of Overdrinking

According to one study, college students reported that they drank about 1.4 more drinks on Halloween than they usually would consume on any other weekend. Alcohol is involved in around 1,519 deaths per year among college students. With Halloween being one of the biggest party weekends on campuses, it’s important to be aware of how much you’re consuming. 

One fundamental way to stay safe while drinking is to take it slow. Don’t feel like you need to chug your drink. You can stay on top of how much you’ve had to drink by pacing yourself and stopping when you need to. You don’t want to fall asleep in the bathroom after throwing up all night. 

You should also try incorporating water throughout the night by alternating your drink with hydration. This will help you not feel the hangover in the morning and to keep yourself from overdrinking. It is also important to eat before you drink. Drinking on an empty stomach can cause you to get drunk faster and make you more susceptible to exceeding your limit.

Don’t Drink and Drive

It’s no secret that getting an Uber or a Lyft on Halloween night can be a hassle. Everyone is out, and you could be stuck waiting for a car to pick up your request. Plus, the rides are probably going to be more expensive than usual. While this may be inconvenient at the time, it’s not worth getting behind the wheel if you’re intoxicated. Roughly 44% of fatal crashes on Halloween weekend involve someone with a BAC over the legal limit.

Plan your rides ahead of going out. Whether making arrangements with a friend or assigning someone to be your designated driver, it’s crucial that you stay safe and don’t risk your or someone else’s life.

Buddy System

Always leave the party or event with the same people you came with. That is a rule that my friends and I always follow, and it is crucial to stay safe, especially during Halloween weekend. Even if you aren’t drinking at a party, you must stick with at least one person you know. That way, you can look out for each other and ensure the other is safe. 

The chaos and costumes of Halloween can make the weekend feel overwhelming and hectic; keeping someone you know with you throughout the night can help ease some of that nervousness. 

Sleep is Still Important

You may think that you are obligated as a college student to live every moment to its fullest regardless of your personal health. I am here to tell you that this is not the case. Yes, college is a fun time, but you should never sacrifice your well-being for going out with friends. If you’re feeling tired or sick, don’t worry about missing out on anything. Prioritize your own health before making any other decisions. 

There’s a lot of pressure to go all out for Halloween so just remember that it’s okay to not give 110% all the time–and that’s coming from someone whose favorite holiday is Halloween. Don’t forget to take time to eat, sleep, and check in with yourself to ensure you are doing well mentally and physically.

Don’t Dress in Distress

Costumes are arguably one of the best parts of Halloween. You can transform yourself into anyone and anything for a night and live vicariously through it. That said, practicality should also be a factor in what you wear for Halloween. 

Everyone wants to look their best, but wearing six-inch platform heels to a party where you plan to drink may not be the safest idea. Long cloaks, high-heeled shoes, masks, and other costume staples look great but can also be hazardous, depending on where you’re wearing the costume. A quick shoe change or hem to a clothing item may be helpful–after getting photos, of course. 

As someone who has witnessed many people fall onto the sidewalk due to their costumes, I can attest that it can be an important reminder.

Overall, Halloween weekend is enjoyable, and you should enjoy it to the best of your ability. Don’t stress about what other people are doing or wearing. As long as you enjoy yourself and stay safe, that’s all that matters. I wish you a Happy Halloween and a great October!

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