5 Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

candy dipped cookie sticks - valentines day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, the day reserved for showing your sweetheart how much you care about them.  Luckily, showing them that you care doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money.  College couples are on college student budgets, so scrap the diamond bracelet and silver watch ideas for a future February 14.  Homemade gifts are a lot more thoughtful than the standard cheap box of chocolates and carnations, and they won’t burn a hole in your wallet.  Here are five easy homemade Valentine’s Day gifts that are perfect for both boyfriends and girlfriends.

1. Framed picture
This simple but sweet gift is a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day.  Find a favorite photo of you and your significant other, or print one off your computer on glossy paper.  Add a personal touch by decorating a picture frame or even making your own.  You can put designs and quotes around it to make it truly unique and in the spirit of your relationship.

2. 52 reasons I love you
Got a deck of playing cards lying around?  If not, just pick one up at a convenience store, and you’ll be ready to make this really thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.  On each card, write one thing that you love about your special someone.  Use a permanent marker to write, and even print out little pictures and paste them on cards too if you wish.  This gift is simple and easy-to-make, but will definitely mean a lot to whoever is lucky enough to receive it!

3.Coupon book
For another gift idea, try making a book of love coupons.  Think IOU’s, but for your significant other.  You can write coupons for things like one night on the town, ice cream my treat, one massage, breakfast in bed, etc.  Think about things specific to your relationship, and add them in!  Cut out a rectangle for each, and then staple or tie them all together into a little booklet.  Add pictures or designs (definitely some red hearts), and your coupon book will be ready for gifting.

4. Homemade treats
Give the gift of food!  If you live in a dorm, this could be  a little harder to pull off, but that will only make it all the more impressive in the end.  If there’s a common kitchen area in your residence hall, you can finally take advantage of it.   Bake cookies and cut them into heart shapes, or make cupcakes with frosting hearts on top.  If you want to get a little more romantic, try cooking a nice dinner for two, set a table with a couple candles, and voilà!

5. Your art
Are you an aspiring writer, artist, or musician?  Well this is a great chance to really use your talents.  If you’re good with words, a love poem could be a great thing to attempt.  If you prefer to communicate with visual art, try making a drawing or painting for your Valentine.  And if you’re a music connoisseur, write them a song!  Whatever artistic talent you have, there’s probably a way you could channel it into a really personal gift for Valentine’s Day.