How to Be Uniquely You in Your First Year of College

In the midst of meeting new people who have various backgrounds and habits, it can be difficult not to compromise who you are, but it can be done.

One of the most important lessons you can learn early in life is that being yourself is the most interesting thing you can do . Losing sight of who you truly are in the midst of socializing with different crowds is an unfortunate but common experience of young college students. 

As a young adult, once you figure out that being yourself is what allows you to find people who support and are excited to be friends with you, being authentically yourself becomes a lot easier. The sooner you realize this, the better off you will be. Experiencing different crowds and participating in a wide variety of activities is meant to help college students figure out who they are and what they want to do with their time. 

It may take some time to figure out what strikes individual interest and what types of people you should surround yourself with, but with so many different opportunities to experience and different groups of people to meet, figuring that out comes easy in college. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is to maintain your own self worth. Setting initial boundaries on how you want to be treated ensures that you will be respected, and people will appreciate those standards and work to meet them. 

Maintaining your unique personality is one of the most important things to achieve when in college because it allows you to attract other like minded people and situations that you will naturally gravitate towards and enjoy. 

Young students commonly shift how they act or who they are around new people, but with time and a better understanding that being yourself is what makes you stand out, it becomes easier to maintain your unique identity.