How To Deal With Multiple Exams In The Same Week

For most, the semester is now in full swing. You’ve likely already gotten a good feel for the type of work your current professors expect of you, and you’ve probably already gotten into some sort of groove with your daily routine.

But what happens when midterms come along, and you suddenly find yourself with 3 exams within days of each other? How do you retain and recall the specific information for each course with so much going on?

How to Study for Multiple Exams in the Same Week

Figure out your Exam Schedule

It can often be helpful to write down all of your deadlines and exam dates in one place, so you can start to prioritize. While it’s no fun looking at everything laid out all at once and realizing just how much work you have ahead of you, it’s essential to ensure you do well in each course.

Prioritize your Studying

Now that you know what will happen and when figuring out the best way to tackle your studying. For example, if you have 2 exams on Tuesday and one on Thursday, it’s ok to devote most of your studying time to the first 2. That said, don’t make the mistake of leaving all your studying for the 3rd exam until the day or 2 before. Start digesting that exam’s content at least a week prior, but in smaller chunks. This way, when you’re done with #1 and #2, you’ll already have been laying the groundwork for a successful exam #3 before you even begin the heavy-duty studying for it.

Create a Study Schedule

Since you know which materials to tackle first, block off some times in the week(s) leading up to the actual exams and dedicate them solely to studying. There’s so much going on in college. It’s easy to just push things off until a little bit later. By committing some of your time in advance, you’ll have made plans around your studying and won’t have to waste energy trying to figure out when you can fit it into your busy schedule last minute.

Remember your Study Breaks!

Of course, you may feel like taking breaks is the last thing you have time for right now. However, your brain needs time to recharge and process all the information you internalize. This is a great time to implement the Pomodoro Technique. (You can use if you don’t own a physical timer!)

Carve Out Time for Rest

Once the exams start, make sure to plan your schedule in a way that allows you to get a whole night’s sleep, so you’re well-rested and not distracted. This may mean one or two fewer social events, but odds are that your friends are likely dealing with the same situation and might even appreciate your politely declining plans for those few days once they realize they need the study time and rest.

Having multiple exams in the same week can be tough - here are some tips to help you manage it!