How to Make Money Part-time in College

How to Make Money Part Time in College

So you’re strapped for cash and you’re looking to make some disposable income for the semester.  Further, you’re strapped on time with a 19 credit course load, so what shall you do?

Balancing school work, social life and your finances can be a major struggle bus for college students.  However, there are some options that could make you some money and help you progress through college with new friends, new opportunities and a new savvy approach to making money:

eBay – The internet’s buying and selling marketplace, eBay can make you some quick cash if you have some disposable products.  Get a new cell phone or laptop? Selling iPhones, computers, old memorabilia or collectibles on eBay can make you some surprisingly good cash and is the safe way in doing it.

Fiverr – What’s your special talent?  Can you write a killer resume?  Good with a paint brush or graphic design?  Well spoken to do internet ads?  Fiverr is “the world’s largest marketplace for small services, starting at $5,” so you post your capabilities and competences as services.  Some of the offerings can be as out there as selling “celebrity impression voiceovers like Morgan Freeman” to straight-laced business services like “designing an avatar for your website.”  What can you offer and sell?

Jobs on campus – Schools are always looking to hire for library jobs, tutors, desk receptionist, advertising positions, cafeteria gigs, driving jobs, hospitality management positions, R.A. spots, T.A. positions, parking services posts, writing gigs and photography positions… to name a few.  Get out there and see which you can fill part-time! You can visit your school’s career center or check with the offices you’re interested in working at to get a list of open jobs.

Restaurants and bars – Campus restaurant and bar jobs make up the best of both worlds since they’re a good place to be social while still making money.  You may have to start off at the bottom as a host/ess or busboy, but you could become a server or bartender if the need is there.  Inquire on positions from your local campus establishment eatery ASAP. On the plus side: your friends will love to come visit you at work!

Internship – Getting school credit and paid is the best internship opportunity.  Seek out internships that take place in the morning before class where you can go in for a few hours, a few times a week, get school credit, AND get paid.  You may be able to pass out of a class if your internship qualifies for those credits and you’ll be making money during your normal class hours.  Talk about optimal opportunity costs… and you never know where an internship could lead down the road – you could get a job offer!

Babysitting – Whether you’re at school in a big city, or a small town, chances are there are families near by that need your help! If you love kids, websites like Sittercity and can help match you with families who are looking for a babysitter. Babysitting is great for students since it offers flexible hours and good pay.