How to Survive College Application Season Stress

With the admission season right around the corner, the nerves and excitement are definitely building. College recruitment application processes can be cumbersome, stressful, and arduous. Fortunately, with proper organization, preparation, and some stress-management exercises, students can get admission to their dream universities and colleges and sail through this nerve-wracking and tiring process fairly smoothly. Here are a few ways to cope with the admission season stress.

Why Do Students feel College Admission Stress and Anxiety?

Various factors cause pre-college admission anxiety among young students. A few of them are:

  • Admissions to desired colleges and universities are never guaranteed, that fear of rejection causes anxiety. 
  • Students often compare themselves to other high achievers and feel inadequate.
  • When students spend too much time worrying, it leads to an unhealthy obsession and causes undue stress among students. 
  • Peer pressure and daily discussions about cumbersome college admission application processes induce a fear of failure.

The most effective method to do away with these anxieties and stress is to not make this a daily topic of conversation and to practice calming techniques. Also, find below a list of stellar tips that can help reduce your stress.

Pre-Admission Tips to Make College Application Easier 

Take the ACT or SAT Exams Twice

Yes, you read it right. Take one of the exams during junior years and the other later. This technique allows you to get high scores and additional options with previous scores without penalty!

Don’t Frequently Discuss the Topic of College Admissions

Many students in high school often talk about college admissions, creating a continuous worry among fellow students. Such conversations can instill stress, so take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy your senior years in school, and do not stress unnecessarily about the future.

Add Some Physical Activities to Your Routine

Physical activities and exercises are excellent ways to brush off anxiety and stress. So, add some easy-to-do activities like running, walking, or yoga to your daily routine. These workouts increase blood flow to your brain, ease the stress, and make you more energetic with a daily dose of refreshment.

Ensure to Opt for The Colleges That Offer Some Unique Experiences

High school students’ college selections are often backed by peer pressure or just for college reputation or popularity. At this point, it is substantial to understand that college selection is a crucial stage as you will spend two or more precious years of life there, and that institute should proffer something unique or of your keen interest. So, calm down, enlist your choices, interest, or anything you want in your college life, and then select academies with similar offerings.

How to Deal with Stress During College Admission Season?

Anxiety lowers mental acuity and boosts adrenalin production, a hormone that aids reactions and focuses and leads to reduced thinking ability. Psychologically we all behave differently in distinct conditions, some people get easily depressed, and others feel more focused and invigorated in stressful situations. Before seeking any solution to this stress, it is significant to understand your capacity to handle stressful situations in daily life. Luckily, we have some proven stress-relieving methods to assist you in difficult spans.  

Break Daily Tasks into Bits

Do not get overwhelmed by the lengthy application processes and short deadlines. Divide tasks into smaller bits. This strategy makes things easy to accomplish and the application process less tiring. If you still find things complicated, you can seek guidance from your school counselors, or teachers, on how you can handle the situation.

Use Online Tools to Your Advantage

Campus tours can be very influential in your overall decision to attend a school. Many colleges and universities now offer virtual tours so you can get a feel for the school without needing to leave your home, let alone your couch!

There are thousands of colleges and universities. Take the time to do some research! Some sites can virtually “match” you with a school based on your preferences, and others can track applications and their status as you complete them.


In the stress of college admission application, never miss the opportunity to socialize with friends. Gathering with friends not only makes you feel light but broadens your perspective. But ensure not to overindulge and limit such gatherings as it could increase frustration and stress.

Wrapping Up

While admission to their dream college is the biggest wish for every prospect, it is also significant to comprehend that life is more than stressing college admission procedures. So, take a deep breath, put things into perspective and act accordingly. Remember to take small refreshing breaks from your daily life routine. 

Various national and international higher education institutions offer diverse academic programs. All you need is to set your priorities, enlist your interests and future goals, and apply accordingly. Finally, do not forget to celebrate and reward yourself after completing tiring college admission applications, as a celebration is a perfect way to blow off steam!