Managing a Long-Distance Relationship During Winter Break

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So you got into a relationship at school, and now you’re home for winter break… If you and your significant other attend the same college or university, winter break can mean going from constant contact, to complete separation.  You’re no longer on campus, so you’re no longer sharing the same small location with your partner.  And if winter break is the first time this has happened for you two, it can be a little tough.  However, there are some ways to help you get through it with better peace of mind.  Here are some helpful tips on how to manage a long-distance relationship during college winter break.

Keep in touch
This sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s easier said than done.  Finding time to communicate between each other’s busy schedules can be tricky, and even trickier if there’s a time difference between the states separating you.  It is really important to stay in contact though.  Going home for winter break can give you time to hang out with family and old friends, and sometimes it feels as if you never even left.  But don’t let yourself become disconnected from your relationship.  Talk on the phone, text, Skype–just make sure that winter break doesn’t cut off communication between the two of you.

Consider a visit
Depending on how far away you live from each other, you might even consider planning a visit with your significant other.  Been together since the beginning of fall semester and think it’d be appropriate to finally meet the parents? Winter break can be a perfect time for this.  If they live far away, consider making a real trip out of it and staying a few days.  Seeing your significant other in their home environment can give you a new perspective on them, and it can help the two of you bond further.  If you’ve only ever been together on campus, the new time you spend together off campus can be telling for your relationship.

Embrace the alone time
Of course you miss your boo, but moping around won’t make your reunion come any sooner.  Use winter break to get some nice you time in.  Relax and do things just for you, without having to worry about scheduling in time to spend with your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Maybe you haven’t had much alone time since getting into your relationship–well, this is the perfect time to embrace some independence and have some self-reflection.

If you haven’t been apart from your significant other since you’ve started dating, having a winter break away from each other might make you feel nervous.  But try your best not to worry too much.  It may feel a little unnerving at first not knowing what your other half is up to all the time, but remember that they’re in the same position as you; they’re missing you too.  A month-long winter break apart might seem long, but just remember that old adage: absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Maybe spending some time apart will actually bring you closer together when you return to school.

So, follow these tips, and when it comes time to head back to school next month, you’ll be able to enjoy a very happy reunion.