Moving Back for Spring Semester College Packing Tips

Moving back in for the spring semester can be a pain.  For some, it’s like moving in all over again as you pack all your household necessities up to relocate back to school.  There is a certain science required for getting back into your dorm or apartment…

Here’s your cheat sheet for getting back into your college habitat:

1. You’re driving back: First and foremost, avoid overpacking.  If you’re driving or taking a plane back to school, pack the most important things (theoretically computer, textbooks, backpack, etc.).  Your folks can always mail you the other things, or if you’re close to home, you can make the short trek back to bring back the other things later in the semester.  If you’re like most and you’re bringing back way more to school than you came home with, then try taking a soccer mom minivan or SUV if you can spare the gas money.

2. You’re flying back: If you’re trying to dodge the hefty luggage fees that your courteous airline is now charging, maximize your “carry on” as a power packed backpack with as many things as you can stack up.  Shipping a bag can actually be cheaper than the $50+ cost of shipping items on some airlines, especially with the weight limitations they are now implementing.

3. Keep in mind the season: Remember that even though it’s listed as the “spring semester” on your schedule, it’s really the winter semester in most places, especially if you’re out East or in the Midwest.  Plan accordingly with hoodies, boots, thermal gear as well as hats and gloves for the upcoming chill season—regardless of your global warming beliefs!

4. Don’t forget the most forgettable items: Cell phone charger, laptop charger, calendar/planner, socks, towels, printer paper and ink cartridges if you have a printer among other characterless tangibles you may forget.  Packing them in a separate bag or suitcase can make organizing back at school A LOT easier opposed to throwing your clothes, shoes and books all in the same back.

5. Food: … is key.  If you’re being cost efficient, having Ma and Pa pack a myriad of lunch menu items can really help for getting back into the swing of things for the first week, especially considering you may be crunched for time to go to the grocery store that first week.  Bringing your favorite snacks and edible arrangements can be pertinent to starting the semester off on the right foot!