Perfect Podcasts for Halloween

The weather is cooling down so the time is coming for that thrilling, chilling night. For those of you that enjoy a little terror, we have a few podcasts that you absolutely MUST listen to this Halloween season.

The No Sleep Podcast

This one is a necessity. A horror fiction podcast that developed from Reddit’s No Sleep Forum, the No Sleep Podcast has been going on for many years and has quite a few seasons! They release new episodes every Sunday and even have some special bonus episodes that are released during the week for those that are season pass members. Scary stories, great voice actors, and specific Halloween themed episodes? This one is perfect for you as long as you’re not faint of heart. “As the sleepless hours of the night tick past” bundle up with a blanket and maybe a few friends as you turn down the lights and listen.

Darkest Night

If you enjoyed No Sleep, then you should check out Darkest Night. This is an audio program produced by Shudder. This one is best listened to with headphones so you get the scariest effect. The sound production of this podcast is phenomenal and it truly makes you feel like you are right there with the characters. Darkest Night follows the experiments of the Roth-Lodbow Center for Advanced research and their present project known as Project Cyclops. There are a few seasons of this podcast and they have just started season 3! Once again scary and mystifying, this one is binge-worthy.


Lore is a great podcast for those who are interested in weird things but aren’t necessarily ready for Darkest Night or No Sleep. Lore brings all of your favorite mysteries to life! It educates you about legends, ghost stories, and is even a series on Amazon Prime! For all of you weirdos out there who want to learn more about the Lore of different religions, cultures, and locations, this is one of the best out there.

Lake Clarity

Lake Clarity is a perfect middle ground between Lore and Darkest Night. It is for those who want something suspenseful and scary, but maybe still want to be able to sleep at night. Season one follows a group of young adults who are visiting a campsite to do some exploring and naturally, everything starts to get strange. With short episodes and a compelling storyline, this one is a great alternative to a scary movie.


With these podcasts in mind, why not light some candles, cozy up with some hot cider, and let yourself get a little spooked this season. As October comes to an end, just remember to be safe while having some fun! Check out GradGuard on social media this week for more Halloween posts!