Podcast Pros and 7 Suggestions for Students

Universities and colleges realize that investing in new technology saves costs on textbooks and allows them to provide more effective education. Podcasting allows people to get new information while doing virtually anything: driving, jogging, cooking, etc. Thus, there’s no surprise podcasting gains popularity among people who don’t have a lot of time but want to consume educational content. For example, podcasts are popular among students, and the use of podcasting in educational institutions can significantly improve the learning practice.

Many colleges and universities that have already incorporated podcasts as a part of their education system note that this practice shows positive results. The main advantage of podcasts is that they are easy to create and to consume.

Why Listen to Podcasts?

First, podcasting attracts attention. Most students would more likely listen to a 30-minute episode of a podcast than read an article for the same 30 minutes. This also applies to video content: videos, as well as text, require us to focus on the content, avoiding distractions. Podcasting allows you to get new information when otherwise you would just waste time.

Another advantage of podcasting is its availability. Brenda Frank, a research writer at College-Writers, explains: “Students can access podcasts easily, any time they want. Every smartphone supports numerous podcast subscription apps. Users can download new episodes automatically, wherever they want.” Here are a few existing podcasts that will be appreciated by students and anyone who is interested in learning something new.

Top 7 Podcasts for Students

1. Stuff You Should Know

Hosts Chuck and Josh talk about things you, probably, don’t know. Perhaps, you would never think of learning this information, however, it will certainly help you start some interesting conversations.

2. TED Talks

Most students like TED Talks videos and often repost them on social media. However, you can also enjoy TED Talks in the audio format. Listen to experts from various areas, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and respected authors while doing anything you want.

3. Rationally Speaking

This podcast is devoted to the topics associated with rationality, heuristics, and cognitive science. Here you can learn more about why we need to be rational, how biases work, what is utilitarianism, and a lot more.

4. College Info Geek

You are unlikely to find a more college-centered podcast than this one. It provides students with useful tips on how to study effectively, how to be productive, how to deliver speeches, etc.

5. Hardcore History

Every episode of this podcast is a well-researched and well-produced show. The most recent episodes are almost five hours long, which makes them similar to audiobooks. This podcast covers a range of topics, from the Mongol Empire to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

6. ScriFri

This podcast covers a variety of scientific topics. Sometimes, you can also hear interesting guests, such as Elon Musk or Sylvia Earle.

7. The Naked Scientists

If you are looking for simple explanations of complex topics, this podcast is a great choice. Here you can get a basic understanding of various scientific concepts even without a solid background in these areas.

Podcasts are easy to access, and you can find podcasts on virtually any topic, which makes them a great solution for students from various areas of study. Just plug in your headphones and learn new interesting facts while doing whatever you like. Remember, GradGuard is here for you this semester with all of your motivational posts and college hacks! Follow us on social media to stay in the loop.

Ester Brierley is a QA Engineer in a software outsourcing company and a competent virtual assistant for College Writers. Adores researching cutting-edge digital trends and sharing them in her writing pieces as a seasoned content creator for many websites. Follow her on Twitter.