Post-Grad Job Search Resources

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Although the education you receive is a central part of why anyone goes to college, finding and securing a job is also a primary motivation.  However, if graduation is coming up and you’re still looking for the right fit, don’t panic—there are plenty of resources available to you.

Networking is key to a successful job search.  Did you have an internship or summer job during your college years?  Reach out to those contacts and see if they’re hiring—or know someone who is.  Were you involved in an academic club or greek letter organization?  Contact alumni and inquire about openings at their company.  It can’t hurt to ask, it will help strengthen your connection even if they can’t help you right now, and they’re more than likely to want to help you.  Before you begin networking, be sure to update your LinkedIn profile.

Your school’s career services should become your second home, if it isn’t already.  These employees are pros at finding and applying for jobs—this is what they do for a living and they will work to help you.  After all, it reflects poorly on them if you don’t find a job.  While the logistics of scheduling an appointment varies among schools, nearly every career services office will have advisors assigned to each major or field.  These people are great contacts to have and will also be able to suggest other sites for your search as well as alert you to any mistakes you’re making.

There are an endless amount of job search sites available on the internet, including,, and  These are great resources with lots of job opportunities, but keep in mind that many candidates may be applying for a position.  Take the time to ensure that your profile, including your resume and cover letter, are in perfect shape.  One small grammatical error could cost you a position.  Also, don’t just apply to as many jobs as possible.  Research the position to ensure that it is one you actually want, and are qualified for.

As social media becomes a growing part of our society and the business world, it is increasingly important that your profiles are employer-appropriate.  It is easy for them to find you, and they are looking for someone to represent their company and be a part of their brand image.  Cleaning up your Facebook is an easy way to improve your appeal to employers.  Finally, social media is also becoming a place to search for jobs.  Creating a free account at Tweet My Jobs is the perfect way to make spending time on Twitter productive.  The site will send you direct job listings as well as recommend companies or people to follow.

Happy Searching!

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