The Post-Grad Job Hunt

As graduation gets closer, many feelings start to bubble up; excitement, relief, nervousness, and maybe even anxiety. As we prepare to leave this phase of life and enter another, there are a few things that you can do to make the transition more manageable as you begin looking for your first job as a college graduate.

The hunt for a job starts before you ever step foot off-campus.

Before Leaving College

Of course, there is the fact that you need to actually graduate, move off-campus, and get settled in your new place. However, before you head out into the world, there are a few resources your school may have available to help get you started.

Update Your Resume

Now that you have your degree, you can remove your high school education from your resume. Make sure to include all relevant work experience, awards, extracurriculars. Many different opinions are floating around on what the perfect resume should look like and a whole host of sites with lists of “what not to do.”

Depending on your career path, some of this information won’t and can’t apply to you. Reach out to a professor or advisor for your major to review your resume to ensure you aren’t missing any information relevant to your field. You may even have different versions of your resume, too!

Get Digital

With most of the world online, LinkedIn is a must as you move forward. If you don’t already, it would be good to have an account set up. It will act as a digital resume where hiring managers and recruiters can view your work history and learn more about you.

There are also many other online platforms where employers are looking, such as Indeed and even directly on their website.

Career Advisor 

Your university or college will most likely have a career advisor, and on top of that, there may be one designated for your major. They may have better insight into the career field you are trying to enter.

They can help prepare you for interviews, connect you with possible employers, and even review your resume to make sure it is ready to go. We recommend setting up an appointment before graduating, but hurry! Spots typically fill up fast!

After Graduation

If you did not land a job before graduating, don’t fret. X amount of students leave college without having a job lined up.

Keep Your Options Open

It can get discouraging to look for jobs after you graduate because you feel limited to where you are located if you move back home. If you would like to move out of state for a job and start somewhere new, you should!

Even if you found a job, it’s great to be open to new roles and opportunities. When starting your career, it’s unlikely that you will stay with the same company forever. Challenge yourself to broaden your horizons because you will

Always Be Networking

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, and there is a good reason for that. Job opportunities can come from anywhere at any time; you never know who you will meet. Trading contact information and discussing common interests with new acquaintances can land you a role. Most recent grads don’t have a ton of work experience and, unfortunately, without it, have scarce networking options.

Some colleges and universities host networking events for upper-level students for a chance to meet professionals in their field of interest. It would be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of these if you have the chance!

Don’t Give Up

Even if things haven’t panned out the way you hoped they would, don’t give up! The best thing you can do while job hunting after you have graduated is to learn continuously to increase what you have to offer to employers. I know the last thing you want to do after finishing school is to hop back in, but now that you have your degree, you have time to expand on specific skills you might not have been able to.

It may be cheesy, but the perfect job for you is out there somewhere. Although it is easier said than done, try not to compare yourself to your peers. Everyone is on their own path, and you are exactly where you should be.