Promising Career Paths for International Students

The world has become a global village in the last two decades, which makes international travel and communication easier than ever. Globalization motivates more and more students each year to go abroad and get a foreign degree. Today, there are over 500 thousand international students in the US alone.

Many students return home, but some are willing to stay in the country post-graduation. If you are one of those college graduates, it would be beneficial for you to get to know the labor market and prepare for your future career. In this article, we’ll show you the most promising careers international students should consider.

How To Prepare For The Job Search

According to HR specialists at Aussie Writings, you should get some initial experience before pursuing a full-time position in your desired field. This way, you’ll make sure that the position you pick fits your personal interests and skills. There are 4 basic ways to explore interesting occupations:

  • Career planning: Visit the career planning office to learn about trending industries at your university.
  • Training: Apply for the professional training course provided by a local company.
  • Volunteer: This is a resume booster showing that you are passionate about something that doesn’t make you money. This is something that many companies look during the hiring process.
  • Internship: It can provide valuable insights into day-to-day activities of a company. Instead of diving in head first, you can test the waters.

Careers In The IT Sector

With the rise of the Internet, jobs related to new technologies experienced a huge breakthrough. The IT sector is the fastest-growing labor market, while the average salary of an IT specialist is more than $62 thousand per year. Computer technologies generate the biggest number of profitable positions. Here are some of the best career options in this industry:

  • Software Developer: It seems as if an entire world depends on digital tools, software, and apps. Every device, vehicle, or machine needs special programming and that is why software developer takes the number one position on our list.
  • Computer System Analyst: Computer system analysis is more complex than software development. All companies, however big or small, already need to integrate and synchronize their programs. With the emergence of the Internet, computer system analyst jobs will experience further expansion.
  • Big Data Specialist: You’ve probably heard that more data has been produced in the last two years than during the entire history of human civilization. This gives companies a lot of unstructured information to process, which is impossible without help from big data specialists. Since businesses want to make data-driven decisions, you could capitalize on this trend.
  • VR Designer: Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR) is the latest talk of the town. The total number of active VR users already reached 171 million globally and the demand is growing.
  • Blockchain Developers: Bitcoin caused mass cryptocurrency hysteria in the previous three years. Even though digital coins are based on the blockchain, the new technology has many more applications – from IT and banking to cybersecurity and communication. In such circumstances, we definitely recommend the career of a blockchain developer.

Promising Occupations In Other Industries

IT rules the modern business, but it doesn’t mean that other industries are any less attractive for international students. On the contrary, there are a lot of promising professions recommended below:

  • Digital Content Creator: Content creation is the most influential segment of contemporary marketing. As a result, the demand for digital content producers is exponentially growing.
  • School Teacher: Remember that amazing teacher you had growing up? You could be one of them! If you are bilingual, you would be a great asset to the school system as well as likely have increased compensation. High School teachers are projected to see an employment growth of 8% until 2026. Getting your foot in the door now is a promising opportunity. Many schools have higher compensation for bilingual applicants.
  • Genetic Engineer: It may sound scary but genetic engineering is our future. If you enjoy medicine, molecular biology, and similar sciences, perhaps you should look into a position as a genetic engineer.
  • Mechanical Engineer: Robotics and 3D printing are breathing a new life into mechanical engineering, so this profession is now attracting a lot of international students. The median salary is not bad – it’s just below $69 thousand a year.
  • Health Service Manager: New technologies are changing traditional healthcare systems, causing numerous medical, legal, and regulatory changes. Health service managers must help hospitals and other medical facilities to adapt to those changes. With the future of healthcare everchanging, this is a vital job in today’s society.

Ready To Start The Job Hunt?

Starting a career in a new country can be daunting, but your school’s career center is a great reference and support system to alleviate any nerves. Whether you’re a new grad or an incoming freshman, we strongly recommend meeting with an advisor and planning ahead as soon as you can.

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