Pros and Cons to Having a Car on Campus


Now that the new school year is here, you may still be deciding if having your car on campus is worth it or not. On the one hand, it’s nice to be able to go wherever you want, but on the other hand, do you really want to be the one carting your friends around everywhere? To help you make the important decision, look to the list of pros and cons below.


1. Grocery shopping: It’s a hassle to walk back from the grocery store with all of your bags, and sometimes the store isn’t even in walking distance, If you want to be able to buy and make your own food, a car may be needed for grocery shopping.

2. Off-campus adventures: Chances are that every now and then you’ll be itching to get away from school for a day and have some fun! Unlike most public transportation, your car can get you to the mountains to go for a hike, to the beach to have a beach day with friends, or just to the next town over to do some shopping.

3. Going home: While you could probably take the train or carpool home, having your own car is the best option if you have a lot of stuff to take back or if you want to go home often. Your parents will be happy to not have to come and pick you up!

4. Visiting other schools: If some of your good friends go to other schools, it’s nice to have the opportunity to leave school and visit them. A car would allow you to spend a weekend away from school and catch up with your high school friends.


1. Gas money: Unfortunately, having a car means paying for gas. As broke college students, we often can’t afford to spend a lot of money while we’re at school, so maintaining a car could be tricky.

2. People asking for rides: When you’re the one with the car, you’re also the one everyone asks for a ride. Not only is this a pain, it also wastes gas and time.

3. Parking: Because many schools have limited parking on campus, a spot could cost you hundreds of dollars per year. It may not be worth it, especially if the spot isn’t even near your dorm or apartment.

4. Risk: Thousands of car accidents happen on college campuses every year. Having a car subjects you to the dangers of driving it. For this reason, it’s very important, and required by law, for you to have auto insurance to protect your car and your legal liabilities. If you’re not sure how much auto insurance coverage to purchase, do some research and talk with an agent!

Whether or not you have a car with you at school is a very important decision to make, so consider all the options before making the decision. And, most importantly, remember to drive safely and follow all of the rules of the road when you get in the car.