Protecting Yourself While Studying Abroad

This month, thousands of college students from across the US will take off on study abroad programs for the spring semester (and we are jealous!). The incredible opportunity to study abroad comes with many amazing perks, but, like any great adventure, your trip also has some risks. As you get ready to pack up your life into a couple suitcases and take off for your destination, don’t forget to consider these important coverages to help you manage the risks of studying abroad.

Protecting Your Property During Study Abroad

Being in an unfamiliar place far from home can be disorienting. Whether it’s theft or damage, being unfamiliar with your surroundings can compromise the things you’re bringing abroad with you, since you’ll be less likely to recognize risk. In addition to being diligent, insurance may be able to help you protect your study abroad essentials if you cannot afford to replace them.

Personal property insurance can help you protect your belongings by helping you replace them if you face a loss. You may be able get this coverage from a Renters Insurance policy or even from your parent’s Homeowner’s Insurance, but be sure to check if you are eligible for coverage and eligible for coverage overseas. With Renters Insurance, look for a plan with a low deductible that offers worldwide coverage to make sure you’re covered during your travels. If your parents have Homeowner’s Insurance, check with their agent to see if you are eligible for coverage under their policy as a student, and double check if the coverage will follow you abroad.

Protecting Your Health During Study Abroad

Hopefully you’ll have a healthy semester! But if your immune system takes a hit adjusting to a new climate or the stress of classes in a different language, you’ll want to make sure you know what to do! Before leaving for your semester abroad, check with your program to make sure you know where to go if something happens, like a recommended pharmacy or nearby hospital. Also be sure to check with your health insurer to make sure your coverage applies overseas. If not, consider a Health Insurance plan that will cover you overseas. Also, check to see if your Travel Insurance or Health Insurance will cover a medical evacuation, should you need one, while you’re away from home.

Driving During Study Abroad

Driving abroad can be dangerous – the rules of the road may vary from what you’re used to back at home. If you must drive while you are there, don’t forget to check if your license is valid in the country you are visiting and whether your Auto Insurance will follow you there. An accident could be quite costly.

Protecting Your Itinerary While Studying Abroad

If you’re like many students who study abroad, you’ll be a doing a fair amount of traveling during the semester! Weekends away can add up, so consider Travel Insurance to protect your side trips. Travel Insurance can help refund the cost of your flights if you must cancel your trip for a covered reason, and some plans can help you reschedule cancelled or missed flights. You can also find plans that provide protection for your baggage in case it is lost, helping you replace those items, and plans with medical evacuation included as well.

We wish you a safe trip and happy travels – bon voyage!