6 Resources for Finding a Job

6 Resources for Finding a Job

Need a paycheck? Well, as a college student, you’re definitely not alone! Maybe you’re looking for a summer job to start at the end of the semester, or maybe you’re about to graduate and are looking for something a little more permanent. Either way, to find the right job opportunities, you have to know where to look. Here are six great resources to start with that can help you find a job.

1. LinkedIn
It’s likely worth your time to create a LinkedIn profile if you don’t have one already. It’s the world’s largest professional social network, and can help you keep up with some important industry connections. Your profile can highlight the best aspects of your resume as well as show what you’re interested in and what you’re seeking career-wise. Besides connecting with professors, past internship bosses and coworkers, the website is also a great tool for the job search. They have a job feature that allows you to search for listings by title, keyword, and/or company name. And under advanced search, you can specify even more specifics like industry, function, and salary.

2. Newspapers
Newspapers may seem a little old fashioned to the modern day college student, but it really is a time-honored tool for job hunting. Find out who’s hiring in the area by exploring the classifieds section. You never know what you might find, so grab a paper, have a highlighter on the ready, and keep your eye out for potential jobs!

3. Snagajob
If you’re looking for hourly work—something in retail or food service, for instance—then snagajob.com is the place for you. You just type in your zip code, browse through job openings, and apply right online. Join for free, and then you can use your career profile to make applying for the jobs quick and easy.

4. Monster
Monster.com is another great web resource for finding work, but this site will show you more professional kinds of jobs—think office over fast food kitchens. You can search by job title, company name, keywords, and your zip code to see who’s out there currently hiring.

5. Craigslist
Most of us have searched through Craigslist for one thing or another, as it’s conveniently very multipurpose. It’s a popular place for looking for apartments, finding cheap (or better, free) furniture, and for getting entertained by reading about strangers’ “missed connections.” But it also happens to be a really great place to look for jobs. Postings under the jobs and gigs categories spring up like clockwork. Of course, exercise caution and common sense when job hunting on Craigslist in order to avoid scams and schemes.

6. Career Services
One of the best underused resources available to college students is their campus career services office. If you make an appointment and pay them a visit, they would definitely give you some insight into the current job market. Get inside advice on where to look for certain jobs, and get resume and cover letter help to boot!

So don’t put off job hunting another minute! Utilize these resources and get closer to securing a position and getting that much-needed paycheck. Good luck!