Senior Year: Second Semester Checklist

The second semester of senior year can be one of your best.  You’re so close to finally getting what you’ve worked hard for all these years: your diploma.  Fun and college appreciation is at an all-time high.

Despite the anticipated weekends and “more socially-active than before” weeknights, your senior year still has some tasks that must be fulfilled. Try to manage the fun and the future simultaneously:

  1. Have you applied for jobs/school?  It’s already January, so while you’re not late, you’re certainly not early.  Make sure you have your stuff together for applications, be it grad school or your first job, cross your t’s, dot your i’s AND lower case j’s, and prep yourself for life after graduation that is just a mere 3+ months away
  2. Are you prepared to move out and move on?  If you’re planning to move back in home after college, make sure your folks are on the same page.  If you’re planning to move on to grad school or a new job elsewhere, be sure you’re planning and preparing your living arrangements and such ahead of time.
  3. How are you planning to pay off college?  This question can seem annoying, but must be addressed sooner, rather than later.  If you don’t already have a plan, talk to your folks or an advisor to break down how you plan to pay off any student debt and loans going forward.
  4. Are you keeping track of your finances and budget?  Spending more than you should can be a dangerous habit as you near the real world and true independence, so make sure you have some money set aside this semester for life off-campus and beyond.
  5. Are your credits in order? While there’s not much you can do now, it’s best to double check if you have enough credits to graduate on time, and to put a plan into action ASAP if not. Don’t panic yet – many students are allowed to walk with their class, even if they have a couple of credits to make up over the summer or next semester.
  6. Have you declared your major? Your minor? You want to get this done before it’s too late to have them recognized on your diploma. Chances are you declared your major sophomore year, but have you added another? Have you picked up a minor along the way? Now’s the time to check with the registrar and get your information sorted out.
  7. Do you have your graduation dates set?  Mark them on the calendar, then be sure to share with your family and friends so they know what date to celebrate your accomplishment! Be sure to make early hotel reservations if your family plans to come out for the weekend of your graduation, and, of course, start early in making dinner arrangements and reservations! And don’t forget to keep move-out dates in mind if you are living in the dorms so you can get everything out on time.