Short Term Medical Insurance Key for Graduates

insurance for new grads

In 2016, more than 1.8 million college graduates often find themselves for the first time considering their health insurance needs.  College graduation is a life event that makes young adults and families evaluate how they will pay for medical costs and also how to comply with federal requirements to be insured.

One practical alternative for young adults is to evaluate the practical approach of getting coverage through Short Term Medical Insurance.  Short term medical insurance can be an affordable alternative particularly if you fit the following circumstances.

  • I am 26 and no longer covered under my parent’s health plan
  • I am no longer covered under my student health plan2015-grad-insurance-tips
  • I am seeking coverage until Open Enrollment benefits begin
  • I am employed and waiting for group coverage to begin
  • I am looking for a job
  • I am between jobs
  • I am determining my next steps

Graduates who are currently looking for employment may also consider purchasing an individual short-term medical policy. The short term policies may be purchased for as little as 30 days up to a year in some states.

These policies are great for healthy grads looking for financial protection in the case of a medical emergency. To find out more about short term medical insurance or to get a quick free quote go to GradGuard.