Six Things to Pack Your Senior Year of College

What to Pack Senior Year of #College

In the latter years of college, many students choose or are required to live off-campus for what may be the first time. No longer tied to any dorm regulations, items that may have previously been restricted are no longer a violation. On the contrary, with more space and freedom, you may want to consider adding these items to your packing list:

Business Attire
With professional adulthood fast approaching, you last year of college is a good time to consider introduce some business attire to your wardrobe. You’re likely to undergo interviews where appearance, though not necessarily a deciding factor, is likely to affect how others evaluate you for a job or internship position. When packing, be sure to include one or two outfits that would be appropriate for an interview.

No longer are you stuck with the provided dorm furniture. With more room for storage elsewhere, a desk has the opportunity to serve as more than a dumping ground for clutter. Take advantage of this and make sure you have a decent surface to work on. In addition, keeping your working environment in order will help you focus.

Coffee Pot
One of the most frustrating rules of dorm life is the unwavering ban on coffee pots. Obviously, this is a sizeable bonus to living off-campus. With no rules against it, you are sure to save money by brewing your own cup of joe every morning.

Record Player
If you plan to live with music-loving roommates, a record player is an easy way to bring people together. And if you are running short on posters, album covers are a nice touch to any blank wall.

Cats and Dogs OK.

It’s often times difficult to find landlords willing to allow pets, but even so, living off-campus makes it a viable possibility, at the very least. However, if you prove yourself to be an agreeable candidate, some landlords may be willing to make an exception.

Renters Insurance

Since you’ll be living off-campus, you likely won’t be covered by your parent’s homeowners insurance any longer. This means if your belongings are damaged or stolen, you and your family have to replace them. Can you afford to do that? If not, you may  want to consider Renters Insurance to help protect your stuff.