Spring Break Safety Tips


It’s that time of year again—time to pack up and get pumped for your upcoming spring break. Throw textbooks and worries to the wind as you enjoy your much-needed break from hectic college life. While this is definitely a time for celebrating, you shouldn’t be quite so carefree as to forget about safety. Before heading out, be sure to look over this list of tips for spring break safety.

Leaving your dorm or apartment:
First thing’s first: before leaving for spring break, you’ll need to secure your room and belongings. Follow your dorm regulations with the basics like defrosting your mini fridge and taking out the trash, but also take measures to keep your belongings safe. Take your valuables with you or store them out of sight in your room. You can also consider renters insurance to help protect your personal property. And of course, remember to lock up! 

People often associated spring break with MTV celebrations and movies highlighting college kids’ drunken hijinks. If you’ll be attending any parties this spring break—movie-worthy or not—it’s important to think about safety beforehand. Always know your limits; don’t drink more than your body can handle, and set a drink limit for yourself beforehand if need be. Only go out with people you trust, especially if you’re going to a party where you don’t know the hosts. Use the buddy system so you and your friends can watch out for each other, and as always, have a designated driver or take a cab home!

Hitting the beach:
Going to a more topical climate, in true MTV spring break fashion? If you’ve been hibernating from the snow this winter, your skin’s not used to the sun. This means, sunscreen is a must. Bring water and stay hydrated so you can get the most out of your beach getaway. Don’t leave your beach bags unattended. If you have valuables on your beach towel, make sure at least one person in your group is there at all times. Pickpockets will know that it’s spring break season and that people from out of town will be showing up . Don’t be easy targets!

If you’re lucky enough to be traveling somewhere fun this spring break, pay attention to these tips. Make sure to keep your cell phone charged at all times. You could end up being away from your hotel longer than planned one day, and (especially in case of an emergency) you’ll want to be assured that your phone has enough battery to make necessary calls or to use a GPS feature. Also be sure to have any important trip-related phone numbers stored in your phone’s contact list such as your hotel, the airport, and any in-case-of-emergency contacts. Tourists are easy targets for thieves, so make sure you don’t walk around with too much cash on-hand. Always be aware of your surroundings, and stick with your friends when exploring. It’s also important to read up on your destination before your trip to see what areas are or are not safe.

Traveling far from home can also take you far from the medical facilities you could require during your vacation. Travel insurance, in addition to helping protect what you’ve paid for your trip, can help provide you with medical transportation in case of an emergency. And though you may have skipped travel insurance while booking your trip, you can still book it before you take off. Other student facing benefits plans, like the Student Protection Plan, can also provide emergency medical evacuation.

And of course, remember to have fun! Take this opportunity to forget school and celebrate the forthcoming transition from winter to spring.