State Insurance Commissioners Recommend Renters Insurance for College Students

Whether you are entering into your next year of college or graduated recently, chances are you are living in a rented apartment or residence hall or will at some point. Have you ever considered how much the stuff in your apartment is worth? All of your residence hall essentials, your laptop, mini fridge, clothes, and more, reside there. If you were to lose them all, could you afford to replace them?

That’s what renters insurance is for – it can help cover property losses and damage, as well as liability risks. Your personal property, such as your TV, cell phone, or school supplies, is covered should it be stolen, damaged, vandalized, or destroyed in a fire or other covered natural occurrence.

The insurance is useful for both college students and new graduates. Both residence hall and apartment life come with dangers and risks, and the cost to replace all of your important possessions single-handedly can often be too high.

Luckily, GradGuard™ provides renters insurance for your property and liability coverage. GradGuard™ offers coverage for your property with replacement cost, which ensures that you are able to replace your damaged property, and not just receive what the old ones would be worth. Speak with an insurance agent to determine the best coverage for you!