6 Social Media Habits College Students Should Adopt

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The era of social media is now. If you don’t see the “t” or “f” on packaging, you may be scratching your head… if the picture isn’t shot in an off-color vintage scene, you’re wondering why it hasn’t been Instagrammed… and so on and so forth. How can you use these media to your advantage? Adopt these 5 habits of successful students on social media!

Here are some social media habits you should get in the swing of:

1. Learn the ins and outs of Twitter; Who do you follow on Twitter? Follow people that are in your field or related fields because every now and then, they’ll RT things that could set you up with a job or internship. Moreover, the Twitter community is a close-knit one and you may receive follows or mentions from people of interest. Also, learn the Twit-tricks of the trade. Did you ever realize that if you start a tweet off with @____, only that person will see it in their Twitter feed? To broadcast the tweet, separate it with a period first, such as: .@Gradguard your blog rocks! in order for all your followers to see the tweet. It’s the little things that matter in the Twittersphere!

2. Jump on Pinterest, the site that allows you to “pin” all of your interests in one giant board. There are already over 11.7 million users that are pinning their favorite sites, sounds and images. It is a great way to store away your nostalgic websites that may be touching, informing or thought provoking and can stir re-pins and comments in the social media ecosystem.

3. If you’re not willing to show your Twitter, Facebook or social media account to your grandma, then keep it private. Basically, if you’re worried about a comment or image for whatever reason (Spring Break bash?), potential employers could easily see it and use it against you. Play it safe and keep it private in this case; it’s difficult enough to get a job, you don’t want a four year old picture being the kryptonite. Also, you could simply untag or delete an image if you have any doubts about its connotation. Don’t let images in your 20’s haunt you in your 40’s! It’s safest to play on the defensive when approaching social media (and don’t forget about your identity!).

4. Follow your favorite media outlets, thought leaders, professors and celebrities. Find people on social media who inspire you and outlets that help to keep you informed. Sure social media can be a lot of fun and sometimes silly, but there are ways to add depth and meaning to your newsfeed or blogroll by seeking out the people, magazines, newspapers, podcasts and more who can teach you more about your interests. Whether it’s the sportscaster who has your dream job, or Beyonce because she is fierce, use social media to connect with inspiration.

5. Follow your favorite businesses, companies and stores on both Twitter and Facebook. On a student budget, you’ll want access to savings and sales whenever possible – following your favorite brands can help you find those. And you get to participate! Some of the seemingly random Facebook pages (like “Charmin”) ask you about their products and what makes them better—be it logo or quality of their product, you can help contribute building their brand the way that you want to see it.

6. Try as many forms of social media as possible. From Tumblr to Twitter and Facebook to Google+ and LinkedIn, getting involved in the internet community only promotes your job prospective and abilities to utilize the technology. Your ability to promote yourself, your brand and your interests on the web only further develops a cohesive, close-knit internet community that can help you better discover the things that you love!