The 5 Things You Need To Do Before College Move-In

Move In 2010

So you’ve chosen what you need for your dorm, studied up on move-in procedures, and made your moving-in arrangements.  What’s left to do before you move into your dorm?  Here is a list of a few items that may have slipped your mind:

Check your student account and billing status

This is a crucial step to do before arriving at your dorm on move-in day.  Many colleges have rules stating that student accounts need to be settled prior to the student moving in.  Check your college’s policy, and then check on your tuition balance.  It is much easier to settle any disputes regarding billing and financial aid in the weeks prior to move-in than during the move-in period.

Get a checkup

Most colleges require you to provide proof of a recent physical exam and immunization history (especially if you plan on living in a dorm).  It can be easy to lose track of health forms amidst all of the other tasks you need to accomplish prior to move in, so be sure to take care of them as early as possible to ensure that your physician’s office has time to fill out the forms and that your college has time to process the information you provided them.

Connect with your future roommate(s)!

If you have roommates, go and reach out to them prior to move in day!  Sending a quick email or finding them on Facebook will not only make you feel more comfortable about living with them, but can also be a great way to save money when shopping for dorm supplies.  Many items which you will consider buying for your dorm are not necessary in double quantity, so splitting purchases and allocating who will purchase which items in advance can help to create a smooth move-in process.  Also, it is a good idea to connect with your roommate in advance in case you come across any glaring issues that you do not think you can handle.  If this is the case, contact your school’s residential life office and explain your situation: while every school has different protocol, all schools want to make their students as comfortable and happy as possible.

Check your class syllabi / Shop for textbooks

Many professors post their syllabi in advance of the semester starting.  If any of yours are available, be sure to glance over them to be aware of the class policies and procedures.  Also important to keep in mind is purchasing your textbooks.  Many school bookstores offer options where you can purchase the books online and pick them up on campus once you arrive, which is a great option to consider.  Another benefit to shopping for your textbooks in advance is that it gives you the opportunity to scout for deals online, (and don’t forget to consider renting your textbooks!)

Register for Move-In and Orientation

Depending on the school you are attending, you may have to register for a move-in date and orientation time.  Many larger schools stagger move in dates and time slots to allow for a smoother process.  Additionally, each school has a different approach to new student orientation: some schools have small orientation sessions throughout the summer, some colleges choose to do one universal welcome week for new students and other universities have a flexible “choose your own” style orientation of open seminars so you can style your own orientation.  However your college formats it, be sure to double check registration procedures to ensure that you are ready and on track after move-in!

Photo credit: Elmira College