The Three S’s of College

School, social life and sleep; the three S’s of college. These three aspects tend to be the main focal points of a college student’s life and how a student manages these three aspects can determine the amount of success a student obtains during their college career. More often than not one of the three S’s is sacrificed due to a student focusing more on the other two.


Sleep tends to be the S that is sacrificed the most by students. Students can get so caught up in school work that a two-hour homework/study session turns into a 6 hr shift. Other times students will succumb to the fear of missing out going to parties or just hanging with friends. In this case, even when they are dead tired, they will still stay up just to see if anything interesting happens. Then they believe that caffeine can be used to supplement the lack of sleep, which for a short term fix will work only to bring on a harder crash later. 


Many students can say that they have slept through a class or two during their time in college. Often what will happen is students will go out knowing that they have class early the next day. Some students fall into the trap of staying out too late and sleeping through their morning class. This S can be put on the backburner for some students if it is seen as less important. It is important for students to prioritize school. Make sure to attend class and put in the hard work to make the most out of your college experience!

Social life

For the average student social life is sacrificed the least. It is important to be socially active by making friends and building connections but it should not take precedence over the other two so much that you are left in a difficult situation. Have fun and enjoy college life but do not forget about the reason you are in college in the first place! 

Finding the balance

Finding the right balance of the three S’s can be difficult, however, it is not impossible to achieve. It takes time, effort and discipline to work out a schedule that allows you to fulfill all three areas while not taking away from one at the expense of the other two. Some students believe that putting weekly tasks on a whiteboard or calendar setting blocks of time to work on those tasks allows them to effectively manage their time. It is important to figure out the methods that work best for you!

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