The Top 11 Twitter Voices for Saving Money In College


Must Follows for Saving College Finances

@CheapScholar-The 2009 born site was founded by a college administrator who know the college process as well as anyone. CheapScholar’s mission is to create financial tools for young scholars and supply them with knowledge towards college. The college expert site provides solutions and know-how for students while also building great networking groups and advice on all things college.

@CollegeBlogs-Lynn O’Shaughnessy, author of “Shrinking the Cost of College,” runs the “College Solutions Blog” and is a guide in financing college.  She has all the ins and outs of saving money in college, which colleges provide the best financial aid and knows college statistics better than the back of her hand.  O’Shaughnessy is the best intermediary between you and paying for college so use her blog as a map to your future!

@SimpleTuition-This free-service site may look more like an airline comparison type-site than a premiere college tuition saving tool.  SimpleTuition offers informative reports in comparing student loans offered by a wide variety of lenders.  The site is your tool for both public and private loan products and the company was named Kiplinger’s “Best of the Web” in 2007.  The site is incredibly user-friendly and will provide you great insight into getting the best loans and saving money.

@StudentAidCom-A leader in college planning and student aid advisory, Student Aid Services builds the best college cost estimation technology around and provides its “Net Price Calculator” to more than 680 college campuses.  Their service offers the “College Cost & Planning Report” that gives prospective students a preview on college costs and their eligibility for student aid. can help incoming college students in finding their best financial fit.

@SaveMyDollars-Scott Gamm founded the site HelpSaveMyDollars in order to assist students, families and consumers learn all about money.  A writer for CNBC and, Gamm has a background in finance and considers the site “your money saving mentor.”  From tips on the best phone apps to save money to the “20 Laws of Saving Money,” will enlighten you on some of the finest ways to save cash both in college and beyond.

@ArneDuncan-The U.S. Secretary of Education, Arnie Duncan, has the mission to get all students to college.  He provides up-to-date information on FAFSA and offers his very own Twitter office hours for followers to ask him various questions.  Duncan is  at the top of the education pyramid, so if you are ever seeking answers about your education and finances, check in with Mr. Duncan.

@UPromise-Turning everyday spending money into money for college is what UPromise is all about.  As you spend money on one of UPromise’s thousands of partners, you can plan to earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars towards college tuition, expenses or loans with everyday type purchases.  Shopping online through can also get you 1%-25% back from eligible purchases.  The company works hard to offer a variety of outlets for its customers to utilize on daily purchase while, at the same time, saving for college.

@SoFi-This young company is run by a powerful team that strives to make college more affordable for undergrad and grad student students alike.  A social lending network, Social Finance provides loans to students as the funds are contributed by alumni.  Lenders provide guidance for students managing their money in college and help students in getting a job after graduation.  The networking focused company helps connect the “social with finance.”

@CPofAmericaCollege Parents of America is the premiere site to gain insight into your college investment.  They award a group of college students several merit based scholarships each year to assist hard working students in paying for college.  CPA also provides guidelines and tools of the trade for both present and future college parents while working with an elite team of partners to offer parents and students valuable deals. Partners include Kaplan test prep, Wyndham hotels and Avis car rentals among others.

@Chegg-This textbook superstore realizes that the useful life of college books is typically four months… and you can count on a single hand the number of times college students actually open those textbooks, or so it seems.  Chegg was founded in 2005 by three Iowa State University students.  Their claim to fame?  Creating an online textbook rental website, truly one of the pioneers in the online textbook services.  Renting is much more cost effective than buying most texts and Chegg provides quality service in this.  The name “Chegg” came together as the founders discovered the hardships of getting a job: you couldn’t get a job without experience, yet you couldn’t gain experience without a job—the whole “which comes first?” the chicken or the egg type relationship, hence, “Chegg.”

@SuzeOrmanShowSuze Orman wears many hats: financial advisor, author and TV host are just a few of them.  Orman also has a strong voice in saving students money in college.  She acts as an online counselor in hopes to guide you towards a bright, affordable college future.  From tuition talk to student loans and 401k conversation, Orman provides college students and parents great feedback in what to expect in college.

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