To Infinity and Beyond: How Technology is Changing Education

Education by nature is ever-evolving. What students are required to learn changes as society progresses. Technology is advancing the way students are educated both in and out of the classroom. In recent years, laptops and tablets have redefined the dynamic within the classroom. Similarly, online courses have made it easier to study for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. So, how exactly is technology changing education in 2018 and beyond?

Computers in the Classroom

The widespread introduction of laptops to classrooms has become the cornerstone of modern education. Personal laptops or tablets give students the opportunity to access vast amounts of information in a more productive manner. Because of this, schools are beginning to shift away from teaching students about specific skill sets. Instead, they focus on teaching students how to learn and think critically for themselves.

Each student learns in a different way and at a different pace. This new technology makes it easier to pinpoint the exact area in which the students are struggling. Teachers are able to recognize these traits and utilize different technological platforms to reach more students and ensure success. 

Online Courses for Offline Success

Online courses have changed the way students have been able to get certificates, diplomas, and degrees. An ever-growing population of students are opting for online courses to fit their scheduling needs and provide the opportunity to those that otherwise would not have been able to attend a course. For example, in 2011, a Stanford University professor changed education forever when he put his Artificial Intelligence course up online for free. This resulted in over 160,000 students from 190 countries enrolling in the course.

Since then, online education has come a long way. Education providers like Upskilled now offer over 100 course options, and people can now study wherever and whenever it suits them. People like busy mothers, full-time workers, and those in remote locations can now access education resources without disrupting their everyday lives.  

AI is the Future

Artificial Intelligence is a looming technology that is on the verge of changing every industry ranging from logistics to education. AI could change education on a major scale, making one-on-one tutoring much more accessible. AI in education might have more benefits than you initially think.

For example, the U.S. Navy has used an AI-based tutoring system called Education Dominance. The AI, which acts similar to a human tutor, monitors student’s progress and provides personalized assessments in an entry-level IT school in Pensacola. The Navy found that “in all trials, the graduates using the Digital Tutor dominated, often by margins that were described as ‘huge’.”

Such instances of AI give a glimpse into the future possibilities technology can bring to education. As technology is consistently evolving, new innovations pop up every day. As technology is becoming increasingly instrumental in a college student’s success, it is crucial to keep your important electronics protected and covered by GradGuard Renters Insurance. We at GradGuard are not only committed to protecting your most valuable items but also pride ourselves on our technology-based platform. Nearly everything can be done online by visiting GradGuard’s website. Use our technology to protect your technology today!


About the Author: Cassie Phillips is a lifelong learner with a focus on internet securities and cybercrime. She spends her days blogging about online safety and what can be done to prevent data theft, identity theft and general sabotage.