Top 4 Tips for Parents of College Students

The process of going to college can be cumbersome for both parents and students. Students have to adapt to living life on their own and adhere to a strict study schedule while parents have to allow their student their freedom and independence. As with most things in life, there are Dos and Do-Not’s. Let’s explore how to best transition to this new and exciting phase. 

Don’t: Decorate the Dwelling 

We know that picture wasn’t hung using a level, but that’s ok! Your student’s new residence is their home base. Try not to make any adjustments; especially in the first few semesters. As a freshman, your student is going through many life-changing events such as: building new friendships, stressing over intense studies, long lecture hours, and copious amounts of delicious dining hall decisions. It’s only fair that they have their personalized space where they can ease up and relax from the stressors at college.

Do: Prepare Your Parting Phrases

The final words between you and your student are significant in the college life. It is essential to share comforting words that express care and concern. Simple phrases along the lines of,  “I’m behind you,” “I’m proud of you,” and “I love you” will be lasting memories and sure to keep them going on tough days. 

Don’t: Solve All of Their Problems 

As a parent, when a problem arises it is only natural to attempt to intervene and assist. It’s important to let your student take the responsibility of solving their own problems before offering support. This will help them become self-reliant and self-sufficient as they continue into adulthood. When needed, universities provide resident advisors and guidance/counseling officials who are trained, experienced, and well equipped to handle any problem that may arise in a college setting.

Do: Embrace the Experience

When your student leaves for college, they may leave a void in the family structure. It may seem fun at first; especially for the siblings who desire more space, attention, and affection.  However, for the parents, rekindling that relationship can be a demanding activity. As time goes by, the family may begin to miss the present. Thankfully, technology has come a long way and you can still have your student join you for Sunday night family dinners via FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Skype. Despite their lack of a physical presence, your student may invite the fun new ways to be present during family traditions.

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About the Author: Maria is part of the community outreach team at Edu Aid. Maria is passionate about ongoing education at all ages, and when isn’t learning new things is a keen walker and cyclist and can be found exploring.