Top Ten Twitter Accounts College Students Should Follow

10 Twitter Handles for College Students to Follow

Whether you’re inching towards college or going into your senior year, you must know the impact Twitter has created in the last few years. Everybody is tweeting. From Lindsay Lohan to LeBron James to Maroon Five to Larry King. Even Febreze has a Twitter account. So rule number one would be to get a Twitter, even if you don’t tweet. It’s a snapshot of what’s going on in the world, from your local town to the world beyond.

Now, without further ado, here are 10 of the finest accounts to follow for college students:

1. @The90sLife-For the Class of 2013-2016, it’ll be a nostalgic field trip back to your yonder years. You’ll understand the allusions to Chuckie Finster, the #90sProblems from your N64 cartridges not working despite your efforts to blow into the disk, the side effects of Tamagotchi and Furby, life with Keenan and Kel and discoveries with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

2. @HuffingtonPost-Huff will provide you fascinating news briefs that you will be tempted to read into: “The World’s Best Airline,” “19 Tweets from 2006 that You’ll Never See Again,” “And Snooki’s Baby Name is…” among other various topics ranging from world news to fashion to sports and everything in between. Huffington Post offers a fresh mix of legitimate news, enlightening humor and useless knowledge all in one.

3. @(FillInYourUniversityHere) & @(FillInYourProfessorHere) Following your University is an obvious must, though it sometimes goes forgotten. First, you’re supporting your college (as there are “social media championships” from, University of Wisconsin-Madison the reigning champion– Moreover, following a professor on Twitter can be a great way to connect with a teacher and, contrary to popular belief, prove that teachers really are people, too.

4. @OMGFacts-Did you realize Friday the 13th superstition costs businesses between $800 and $900 billion? It takes about 8 hours to cut the White House’s grass? Tattooing is illegal in South Carolina? Laughing for 15 seconds adds two days to your life span? Well you would know all this and much more enlightening minutia should you follow OMGFacts, who also has a series of more specific accounts like OMGFactsCeleb and more.

5. @MensHealthMag/@WomensHealthMag-The “Freshmen 15” is still many prospective college students greatest fear. These health magazine Twitters will feed your mind reminding you what to do and not to do. Don’t worry, you won’t feel like a 40-year old by these follows, but more like a young intellectual who is simply proactive and aware.

6. @TotalFratMove/@SororityGirlProblems-Stereotypes evolve for a reason. To best understand these reasons on reputations and stereotypes of the Greek systems, you’ll want to follow one or both of these feeds. Learn what “bro-ing it up” is all about and gain a better understanding of the never ending stress and drama of being a sorority girl.

7. One of @WSJ@BizJournals@BreakingNews or @NYTimes-Unfortunately, becoming a young adult means you’ll need to at least pretend to be an active member of society, which typically consists of knowing what’s going on in the world. Even if you simply read the tweet headlines, such as “JPMorgan Fear Traders Hid Loss, Now at $5.8 Billion,” you can instantly seem approximately 67% smarter than your peer by randomly throwing this small anecdote into casual conversation. Ideally, you’ll actually have a clue what’s going on, but having a clue is half the challenge.

8. @Amazon-This online superstore is shutting down the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar stores and bringing a new age to shopping.  This also consists of assisting college students with their “Prime” package—six months of free shipping to college students plus other various discounts. Bottom line, Amazon will hook you up with great stuff so keep them close by.

9. @JimmyFallon-The former “Saturday Night Live” star may be the lone Late Night TV host that really appeals to college kids. His comedy is youthful enough for the younger crowds to “get” and he often has a segment in which he showcases fans that have tweeted him. So not only do you get great comic relief, but you may have your 10 seconds of fame on NBC.

10. @(EnterYourMajorFieldHere)-Follow a company within your major/industry. A new hot interview question is, “who do you follow on Twitter?” Marketing majors reference GMR, finance majors mention NASDAQ, communication majors say Time, science students use SciAndTheCity and so on and so forth. Following someone within your future industry can be enlightening and rewarding; sometimes they talk about what’s really going on in a particular industry, something classrooms often neglect to mention. Be sure to do your due diligence and follow someone within your field sooner than later.

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