Travel Tips for Heading Home During the Holidays

‘Tis the season for traveling! As the semester ends, winter break is the light at the end of the tunnel for plenty of college students. The only obstacle standing in the way of a relaxing winter break is the logistics of getting home. Whether this is your first time going home for the holidays or you’re a veteran traveler, here are some helpful tips for traveling over the holidays.

How to Travel Safe When Heading Home for Breaks

Plan Ahead

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday travel plans. If you’re looking to fly home for the holidays, purchasing your plane ticket now, if you haven’t already, is probably the best bet. Flights book up fast, and if you are on a college budget, being ahead of the game can ensure you get a ticket for a reasonable price. 

If you’re driving home, planning travel time and the best route is essential! This will prepare you for when to leave campus and when you’ll make it home. 

This all goes for the travel back to campus as well. Looking for round-trip tickets and traffic details after the holidays is a great way to ensure you get back to campus on time.

Don’t Procrastinate Packing

I know, I know, I’ve been there, pulling an all-nighter before an early flight to make sure I have all of my clothes and toiletries packed up. It’s easy to put off packing, especially when you’re in the middle of finals at the end of the semester, but doing a little every day leading up to when you leave can help relieve some stress.

You can turn packing into study breaks while you prepare for finals. That way, you are getting two things done without having to panic or rush yourself.

Map It Out

If you are venturing into an unfamiliar airport or are getting on multiple modes of transportation, looking up where you’ll be and the surrounding area is essential to staying safe and not getting lost. Make sure you know the gate you will be at and your departure time. That way, you can navigate the airport efficiently and reach your destination on time.

The holiday season brings enormous crowds everywhere, so always account for extra wait time. Mapping out your time in advance is a great way to ensure you are on track to make your flight.

Stay Safe

It can get chaotic while traveling, especially if you’re traveling alone. This is why you should take precautions to ensure a safe trip. If you are going home to see your parents, give them your flight number and estimated arrival time, so they can track your plane in case of emergency. If you are taking an early flight before the sun rises, ask a friend to drive you to the airport to ensure you get to your gate. 

Let whoever you are traveling to or from know when you arrive and leave so that someone is aware of where you are while you are traveling.

Protect Your Belongings

When traveling, many things can go wrong. That’s why being prepared for the unexpected can help ease any stress around heading home for the break.

No matter if you’re driving, flying, or carpooling home, GradGuard renters insurance can help protect your stuff!

We hope you have a wonderful time at home for the holidays. Safe travels!

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