Traveling Abroad This Summer?

Studying abroad can be a fun and enjoyable experience for students. It’s the chance to broaden your horizon and experience how living in another country compares to the United States. In all of the fun that goes into traveling, do not forget to consider the safety measures.

When traveling internationally for school or just for fun, accidents happen, and having insurance can save you and the people you travel with. Travelers insurance covers emergency and medical costs, including your property if it gets stolen. This is very helpful when traveling with expensive items.

Before heading on your adventure, here are some serious things to consider:

1. Inform close friends and relatives of your travel plans and give them all the details. Provide your living arrangements, numbers you may be reached at (a cell phone is not enough), departure/ arrival dates and times, etc. Preparing this in a nice neat packet is an excellent habit to create.

2. Discuss your travel plans with a physician. Within your doctor’s visit, be sure you are medically prepared and have at least the following:

-an up to date physical

-immunizations required for your destination and any layovers you may have

-sufficient prescriptions for the entirety of your trip

3. Research the area you are visiting. There is a part of town you should avoid, restaurants you must try, and sites you have to see. Knowing what to expect when you arrive will ease your traveling stress.

4. You should dress for the weather and dress for your destination. Dress conservatively, do not wear expensive jewelry or those designer jeans. You will look like less of a tourist, making your trip safer and more enjoyable.

5. Look into travelers’ insurance. As many insurance policies do not apply to overseas trips. Travelers insurance protects you should a medical emergency occur and your belongings should they be stolen or lost.

6. Make sure your passport and other travel documents are in order. The U.S. Homeland Security recently revised passport regulations requiring additional checks and new procedures. Be sure to check your passport will be accepted when you leave and re-enter the country.

7. Do not leave before you are confident you can afford the trip. Make sure you have a cushion in your bank account, accidents and hidden expenses are more common than you may think. Check that you will be able to access your bank account at your destination as well.

8. Be sure to only drink bottled water! Traveling can be exciting but staying hydrated is essential.

If you are a student traveling abroad enjoy yourself but please, prepare accordingly. The world is yours to conquer, don’t let it conquer you!