Ultimate Campus Commuter: Legs, Lance, or Longboard?

College campuses can seem like cities when you are walking across them with the sun beating on your back, or the icy air finding the gap in your layers. You think to yourself, “there has got to be a better way.” Well, you are correct, this innovative product from Ancient Mesopotamia is called the “wheel” and it is here to rescue you from 30-minute walks to class. Now, some people still stand by the leg (origins unknown) as the ultimate campus transportation. Today we will discuss what is the best way to get around campus; walking, biking, or boarding. Some people will use a scooter, but they are the flat-earthers of the university commute debate.

Legs: This method should require little introduction, chances are you have been walking for a little while now, though I tell you, the freshmen look younger every year. Walking is by far the slowest mode of transportation on this list, but it is also the safest. 99% of you will probably be able to get from one end of the campus to the other without hurting yourself, but we all have that one friend. This may be the most tedious method on the list, but how else are you going to tell your kids you walked to school 4 miles, in the snow, uphill both ways, while barefoot. Though this might make your commute longer, it is a great time to catch up on your favorite podcast or audiobook.

Lance: This method is most likely going to be the fastest on this list. You will be able to ride in the bike lanes on the roads, as well speed past the Leg Truthers. The quick turning ability, accessible learning curve (no rules against training wheels), and smooth ride make the bike a very enticing option for campus commuters of all kinds. However, there are plenty of drawbacks to this two-wheeled chariot. You can only go where there are bike racks. Bolt it to fences and lampposts all you want, but don’t be shocked when you come back and it is gone; you parked it illegally. The final drawback is how common bike theft is on campus. If you plan on biking all four years you will want to buy several bikes or purchase a renters insurance policy from GradGuard. That will help you in the likely event it is stolen while you’re taking a test.

Longboard: This is by far the most iconic college mode.  Well, the longboard has blown up, and you can even use it in Minnesota before the frost hits. By far, the hardest to learn of the three, you will struggle to get up and running on the board, but it is well worth it once you are used to it. It’s light, quick, and somewhat agile.  You can bail from it at any second, something you will be doing when you remember it has no brakes. Most professors won’t say anything if you bring it to your desk, eliminating most cases of theft. Just be aware of where you boarding; you will feel every crack in the sidewalk. As fly as you may look, resist the temptation to smolder at that cute classmate because there is no recovering from eating concrete as you run over a rock. You’ll end up running away as fast as you can; pride in ruins.

There are pros and cons to every mode. Each person will value different aspects more than others. Longboards seem to have the best combination for most college students but require the most skill. Whatever you choose, stay safe out there, watch out for Mustangs, and of course be sure you have the proper liability and property coverage through GradGuard.