5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s

The year is winding down—2013 is getting ready to retire, and 2014 is waiting to take over.  New Year’s Eve is always in the middle of college winter break, which can be convenient for celebrating.  Want to end the year with a bang, but not sure exactly how you want to spend New Year’s Eve yet?  Then check out these five great ways you can celebrate this New Year’s, and not all include poppin’ champagne!

1. Parties
Parties spring up all over the place on New Year’s Eve, and that’s not news to anyone.  Going to a New Year’s Eve party is definitely one of the more popular ways college students choose to celebrate.  Find out who’s throwing the parties this year, and then assess the options.  Remember that it’s never a good idea to attend a party in an unfamiliar place without using the good old buddy system, and that it’s important to take all the proper measures to stay safe.  And make sure you know the party details before you get there—you don’t want to be that person who shows up at a costume party with no costume!

2. Clubs
If you want to have a night on the town, then do some searching on the internet to find out what local clubs are offering for New Year’s.  If you’re not 21 yet, you still might be able to find some good options at 18+ clubs.  Plan ahead of time so you can be ready for the big shindig.  Gatsby-themed celebrations are big this year, so get ready to glam up!

3. Stay in and hang out
Maybe dancing and crowds aren’t your thing, and you’d rather just watch the old Great Gatsby movie on Netflix.  Hey, there’s no shame in that!  Laying low and taking it easy can be a great way to wind down after a busy year. Invite a couple friends over and have fun just hanging out in PJs.  Stock up on snacks, maybe get a couple of 2014 party hats and glasses, and get ready to watch the ball drop on TV.  This is festive enough for many of us, and hey, you won’t have to deal with the cold, crowds, and paying for outfits and admission costs!

4. The movies
Another option for New Year’s Eve is going to the movies.  Sometimes hectic schedules get in the way of us taking the time to go out and see the newest flicks on the big screen.  On New Year’s Eve, you’ll be up all night anyways, and can catch a late-night show to help pass the time before the final countdown.  Whether you see The Hunger Games or the new Anchorman, get your tickets and popcorn, and enjoy the show.  For some reason, a trip to the movies always seems funner on New Year’s Eve!

5. Other events
Want to do something really unique to celebrate the end of 2013?  Then start looking for special events in your area or nearest city.  New York, of course, has the excitement of Times Square; Boston throws a “First Night” celebration with ice sculptures, live performances, and fireworks; in Atlanta you can watch a giant peach drop; Miami has some great parades; and fireworks will be offered all over the country.  Find out what’s going on near you, and get in on the festivities!