5 Websites Every College Student Should Bookmark

Girl on Laptop in Park
Checking Facebook is the first thing many college students check when logging in to their computers. After that, there’s then the possibility of checking Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. While these are great and entertaining social media outlets, there are definitely other websites you should pay attention to on a regular basis.  There are some practical sites that can be a huge help to college students in particular.  The following are five great websites for students; bookmark them now!

1.  Evernote
Evernote is a great resource to help you stay organized. It lets you save files, notes, and research, you can share information with friends, and more. It’s also available for many of the popular electronic devices, so that you can always stay connected to your account. Whether using Mac, Windows, a tablet, or a smartphone, you’ll be glad to have access to all Evernote has to offer. Ditch the flimsy sticky notes, and try making your class notes virtual.

2.  Google Scholar
How many times have we heard professors remind us, “Wikipedia is not a source!” But it’s really tempting to read up about your research topic on Wikipedia when it’s the first result in your search. Well, you don’t need to be tempted anymore by unacceptable sources. When researching for a project or paper, just switch from regular Google to Google Scholar. It will turn up search results of more reputable sources from academic scholars, professionals, online repositories, universities, and more. You can also set up alerts to get notified when new results turn up for your search inquiries.

3.  Fastweb
We all know college is expensive, and many of us are undoubtedly dreading the idea of having to pay off massive student loans in the future. There’s usually a lot of scholarship hunting done in high school, but just because you’re in college now, doesn’t mean you should stop looking! Fastweb is a great website that acts as a scholarship directory. By filling out basic information that’s specific to you, they’ll match you with scholarships. Check them out and start applying!

4.  Purdue OWL
Purdue is a great resource to help you with writing, but you don’t have to be an English or writing major to benefit from this. Polish up your essays by taking pointers from this site, and look up grammar rules that you’re unsure of. One of the most helpful features of Purdue though has got to be its citation sources. When it comes time to write up a bibliography or works cited page for a research paper, this can be a big time-saver  Whether it’s MLA or APA format, Purdue has information that will break down rules for you so that you can make your citation page accurate.

5.  HuffPost College
Stay up-to-date on news and cool articles that are aimed right at you and your peers. Huffington Post College features news articles, videos, countdowns, and blog posts that you’ll likely find more relatable than those on standard news sites. Keep an eye out to see if your college or university gets mentioned in an article; it’s always a fun surprise to find your school getting some kind of recognition.

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