Why Renters Insurance is a Smart Buy for College Students and Families

Vaccination rates are on the rise, maskless gatherings are happening, and life is starting to look normal again. It almost feels too good to be true after the past year of Zoom classes and FaceTime birthday parties. People are ready to jump back into our daily routines and regular socializing, but before we do, it’s important to acknowledge what life is actually going to be like in the coming months. 

College is a time meant for experimentation and interaction; it’s a crucial time for young adults to develop themselves. This is why campus life experts are predicting that students are going to want to make up for lost time as they come back to school. 

It’s easy to feel like you’re in one big protective bubble while on college campuses, but it’s never been a more important time to protect yourself and your stuff with renters insurance. 

Top Reasons Students Should Buy Renters Insurance

Campuses Aren’t Closed Off to Crime

College campuses already house high rates of theft and burglary, so with the addition of post-pandemic craziness, your stuff is more vulnerable to being stolen or damaged than ever. 

But the fact is, student housing and apartment complexes are often targeted by thieves. In fact, at least 30,000 burglaries related to college students and campuses are reported each year, according to the U.S. Department of Education Campus Safety and Security. After buying a renters insurance plan, be sure to take pictures of everything you own, especially your most valuable items in case you do become a victim of theft or malicious damage. This will help you file a claim for reimbursement. 

Don’t expect your school to replace your stuff 

The Return of the Roaring ’20s

The phrase: “history repeats itself” is certainly true for the Roaring ’20s. Following the resolution of the Spanish Flu in 1920, the United States burst into a period of great economic and social growth. Roughly after two years of dealing with the effects of the influenza pandemic, people were eager to get out and celebrate, and they did indulgently. 

As we transition into post-pandemic life, the resurgence of the roaring 20s is becoming more prevalent. College-aged students are rushing to fill their time with various social gatherings. With this new onslaught of reckless and impulsive activity, college campuses will be bustling with chaos come fall. This is why you should consider purchasing a renters insurance policy.

Renters Insurance can help you to avoid becoming a victim to the inevitable Animal House culture that experts say will take over colleges and universities this fall, whether it be on or off-campus. Don’t wait for a sprinkler system to ruin your dorm room or for your laptop to go missing. GradGuard’s protection plans are designed for college life. Find the plan that’s right for you today.