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You’ve made a smart choice by pursuing higher education. Just as you would read your syllabus before beginning a class, take a moment to read how GradGuard can help you protect your college life.

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College Renters and Tuition Insurance

College Renters Insurance

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Your backpack includes all the essential tools you need to complete your degree. But what happens if your backpack is stolen or all of its contents are damaged by a fire? Don’t expect your college to replace it, but you can rely GradGuard’s Renters Insurance program to do so.

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College Tuition Insurance

Our mission is to help you and your family protect this investment. Most colleges and universities do not provide 100% refunds, but GradGuard’s Tuition Insurance can. If you are like most college families, you may have never heard of tuition insurance. These articles help explain why considering GradGuard’s Tuition Insurance is a smart decision.

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Already Purchased College Renters Insurance? Smart Move.

Great Ways to Keep Track of Your Valuables

Save It

We recommend that you take photos of your belongings or receipts. This will help streamline the claims process, in the event your property is stolen or damaged by a covered loss.

Store It

Store this information in a Cloud Service like Dropbox. This way, your receipts and photos will be easy to access from anywhere at any time.

GradGuard Is Here For You If You

Need Additional Help

Sometimes insurance can be unclear. Let GradGuard get you up to speed so you are in control of what matters.